Sea Spoilers (1936)

Bob Randall, temporarily in command of the Coast Guard vessel Niobe, expects a promotion and the captaincy of his ship. Instead, he is replaced by Lieutenant Mays, son of the area commander. Mays is afflicted with a fear of the sea, although he has served well in Coast Guard aviation. His father, however, thinks Mays can overcome his fear by taking command of the Niobe. When seal poachers kidnap Bob Randall’s girlfriend Connie, Bob and Mays disagree about the proper means of rescuing her and capturing the seal poachers. When Mays’s inexperience and phobia foil their attempts at rescue, Bob comes up with his own plan.

Director: Frank R. Strayer (as Frank Strayer).
Stars: John Wayne, Nan Grey, William Bakewell, Fuzzy Knight, Russell Hicks, Lotus Long, George Humbert, Harry Worth, George Irving, Ernest Hilliard, Ethan Laidlaw, Chester Gan, Cy Kendall.


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  1. September 22, 2018

    Thanks Jon for this really tough-to-find John Wayne film, one of four he did for Universal in the mid-to-late 1930’s. They have been very hard to find for many years, and much more difficult, IMO, to see than his early Warner Brothers. I am just about finished with my personal challenge to watch every film he ever made. Thanks again.

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