Hammersmith is Out (1972)

Loosely based on the Faust legend, Hammersmith is Out stars Richard Burton as the title character, a mental patient confined to the sanitarium owned by a loony doctor (Peter Ustinov, who also directed). Befriending a lackadaisical orderly named Billy Breedlove, the satanic Hammersmith offers Billy untold wealth and power if he’ll help him escape. Once on the outside, Hammersmith keeps his promises to Billy, with the help of slovenly hash-slinger Jimmie Jean Jackson. When time comes to pay the piper, however, Hammersmith and Jimmie Jean conspire to leave Billy hanging out to dry.

Director: Peter Ustinov.
Stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Peter Ustinov, Beau Bridges, Leon Ames, Leon Askin, Anthony Holland, George Raft, John Schuck, Marjorie Eaton, Lisa Jak, Linda Gaye Scott, Mel Berger, Brook Williams, Carl Donn.


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