Cry For Me, Billy (1972)

In the Wild West, the American Army are fighting the Indians, in a succession of brutal massacres. A small group of soldiers led by a Sergeant, captures and rapes a squaw, who puts up a brave fight against superior numbers. Billy, a young cowboy, will try to help her against the soldiers, and the white people in town – and ultimately will fall in love with her. But he will have to pay a dear price for love.

Director: William A. Graham.
Stars: Cliff Potts, Maria Potts, Harry Dean Stanton, Don Wilbanks, Woody Chambliss, James Gammon, William Carsterns, Roy Jenson, Richard Breeding, Floyd Baze, Wayne McLaren, John Bellah, Bud Walls, Tom McFadden.


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  1. r w kerk
    April 14, 2019

    Watched for the first time. Although it was a western, it brought me right back to the late 60’s peace and love one another generation. Reminded me of the Woodstock mud scenes when a consistently naked Maria Potts (Flower) slithering around trying to escape from her rescuers arms. All done quite tastefully. The opening credits listed Harry Dean Stanton, so I knew the film had to be worth watching. .

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