Bannerline (1951)

Bannerline was Don Weis’ first solo directorial credit for MGM. Keefe Brasselle stars as cub reporter Mike Perrivale, who devises a heart-tugging promotional stunt. Upon learning that crusty old history teacher Hugo Trimble is dying, Mike writes up a glowing tribute, ascribing all sorts of fabricated accomplishments to the venerable Trimble. The stunt backfires when crime boss Frankie Scarbino, angered that some of the civic reforms credited to Trimble may put the kibosh on his own operation, threatens to make trouble for Mike.

Director: Don Weis.
Stars: Keefe Brasselle, Sally Forest, Lionel Barrymore, Lewis Stone, J. Carrol Naish, Larry Keating, Spring Byington, Warner Anderson, Elisabeth Risdon, Michael Ansara, John Morgan.


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