Andy Hardy’s Dilemma: A Lesson in Mathematics – And Other Things (1940)

Andy wants to buy a new car so he goes into the judge’s home office where his father is about to write a $200 check to charity. He asks his dad for the $200 and they go used car shopping. Andy drives four cars with his dad as the passenger. The first car is $200, the second is $150 the third is $100 and the last is $50. Four stops, one with each car are made: a day nursery, all nations community house, an orthopedic hospital and then a woman’s home. Andy’s dad finally lends him $10 to fix up his old car which he decides to give to charity as Andy has learned his lesson.

Director: George B. Seitz.
Stars: Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone.


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  1. October 1, 2018

    Wow Jon. I’ve seen all the Andy Hardys but never this rare short. Thanks for posting it for viewing.

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