Outrage! (1986)

After a technicality results in the release of a man being tried for the rape and murder of a young woman, her father murders the man. Admitting his guilt and refusing to use temporary insanity, the father places his attorney in a virtual no-win situation. In an extreme effort, the attorney decides to call the judge who released the murderer originally and to challenge the entire legal system that would permit such a travesty.

Director: Walter Grauman.
Stars: Robert Preston, Beau Bridges, Burgess Meredith, Linda Purl, Mel Ferrer, Anthony Newley, William Allen Young, Bill Dearth, Steven Marlo, Stan Haze, Brent Jennings, Ric Mancini, Robert Miano, Vince Howard, Lou Valenzi.


Note: from Youtube. Many thanks to “JS” for helping me track down a copy of this film.

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