Mascara (1987)

A respected police commissioner has a reputation as a fervent opera lover, but by night he also enjoys plunging into the transvestite scene. In addition, he harbors a longing for his very own sister. When he learns that his wife has been murdered, he tries to implicate the set-designer who has designs on his sister. 

Director: Patrick Conrad.
Stars: Charlotte Rampling, Michael Sarrazin, Derek de Lint, Jappe Claes, Herbert Flack, Harry Cleven, Serge-Henri Valcke, Romy Haag, Eva Robins, John Van Dreelen, Norma Christine Deumner, Pascale Jean-Louis, Alexandra Vandernoot, Mark Verstraete, Hugo Van Den Berghe.


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  1. Rickie
    April 6, 2020

    Wow, thank you so much for putting this movie up here: it’s impossible to buy or rent it as it is simply too obscure. I remember seeing it on television long long ago, and being totally captured by it , and i was again seeing it back just now. It feels like an opera; there’s injustice done to vulnerable people by someone corrupted by power and insanity, and the divas are just wonderful: of course Charlotte Rampling, but Romy Haag, and the woman who plays Pepper have left an impression with me that lingered for decades, although Pepper’s scenes were little and short, they were very intense..

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