Cold Feet (1983)

Tom Christo is a New York TV writer-director in a dead-end marriage to Leslie. He meets the intriguing Marty Fenton, a research scientist, when she attends a party Tom and his wife give at their home. Even though there is an initial attraction between Tom and Marty, their eventual pairing takes a long time to evolve as each have their own partners (Marty has a boyfriend) and first must go through separation and a series of disastrously failed blind dates.

Director: Bruce Van Dusen.
Stars: Griffin Dunne, Marissa Chibas, Blanche Baker, Marc Cronogue, Kurt Knudson, Joseph Leon, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Peter Boyden, Mary Fogarty.


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  1. Jordan
    January 5, 2019

    I tried to find this movie for months and found it because of this site. I’m a huge Griffin Dunne fan. I would love to see the 1990 TV movie Secret Weapon he did with Karen Allen. I believe it’s only been released on VHS.

  2. william giordano
    September 4, 2019

    to bad marisa chabias is acting any more. but she acting for the stage and movies.

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