Mourir à Madrid (1963) AKA To Die in Madrid

Mourir à Madrid brings together several papers on the Spanish Civil War and integrates capturing different points of view, intended to represent the continuity of the suffering of the Spanish during the Franco regime. The death of Federico Garcia Lorca, Guernica, the defense of Madrid, the International Brigades, are some of the items comprised in this documentary.

Director: Frédéric Rossif. AKA To Die in Madrid


Many thanks to Steve N. for sending me a copy of this film.


  1. Bernard Belanger
    July 2, 2018

    Freaky!! I was watching this yesterday on youtube, but in the original French version.. Thanks for posting this one!

  2. Robert Russell
    July 9, 2018

    Fantastic documentary….thanks again for sharing this, Jon.

  3. Robert Williams
    July 16, 2018

    Where is the English language version narrated by John Gielgud?

    • Jon Whitehead
      July 19, 2018

      I have no idea, Robert, looks like it’s super rare but if I’m ever able to find it I’ll upload it so people can have the alternative version.

  4. Mike
    July 19, 2018

    Hi – I’ve just noticed that this site is back. I’ve missed it. I notice that the subtitles for two French films I’ve dowloaded are burned into the video. (La Kermesse héroïque (1935) and La Nuit du Carrefour) In one of these films it actually gets in the way of a key part of the scene. Are you able to post with soft subtitles? Its easy to do, and I can advise you if you do not know how. Thanks

    • Jon Whitehead
      July 20, 2018

      Hi Mike.
      Thanks for letting me know about this, can you tell me which film and the exact minute of this so I can check? If it’s really bothering I will include a second download link with subs in a separate file.

  5. Mike
    July 23, 2018

    Thanks! La Nuit du Carrefour at approx 1:00:45 they get in the way of the tattoo inspection.

    It’s just a suggestion as you do a great job, but it may be worth always opting for soft subs because some people speak the language and the hard subs are annoying. Or they may speak a different language, get their subs, but can’t see them properly because they are show on top of hard subs – which looks bad.

    Thanks for considering this.

  6. Patrick Trimble
    July 30, 2018

    A very engaging & informative document especially for someone like myself who did not have a lot of prior knowledge about the Spanish civi war.

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