Mom and Dad (1945)

The dangers of making illicit love are presented in this educational “sexpos√©” from the 1940s. The film tells the tragic tale of a teenage miss whose mother neglected to tell her about the birds and bees. The ignorant girl ends up “doing it” and subsequently getting in deep “trouble.”

Director: William Beaudine.
Stars: Hardie Albright, Lois Austin, George Eldredge, June Carlson, Jimmy Clark, Bob Lowell, Jane Isbell , Jimmy Zaner, Robert Filmer, Willa Pearl Curtis, Virginia Vane, Forrest Taylor, Jack Roper, John Hamilton.


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  1. Ian
    October 19, 2019

    I don’t have this film but I do have a German program for ti, called Falsche Scham. It has more shots from the movie in the program.

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