I’ll Tell the World (1934)

More interested in his sex life than his career, news hawk Brown nonetheless agrees to cover the activities of a European archduke on behalf of his wire service.

Director: Edward Sedgwick.
Stars: Lee Tracy, Gloria Stuart, Roger Pryor, Onslow Stevens, Alec B. Francis, Willard Robertson, Lawrence Grant, Leon Ames, Wilhelm von Brincken, Craig Reynolds, Herman Bing, Dorothy Granger.


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  1. Patrick Trimble
    July 30, 2018

    Entertaining if overly familiar tale of a newspaperman falling in love with an European princess, an act that drags him into a scheme to overthrow her country’s legitimate government by interlopers. A large part of the formula is Tracy once again playing a stock character he seems to have copyrighted: a sharp-edged, wise-cracking con man who will do anything to win the story or the woman in question. The film has a good supporting cast including Roger Pryor as a rival newspaper man & the wonderful silent star/leading man, Willard Robertson as the traditional hard-nosed cranky deak editior.

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