Nunzio (1978)

In this touching tale, an amiable retarded delivery boy from Brooklyn works to help support his mother. Meanwhile his older brother keeps him safe from local punks; this sometimes creates turmoil for him as he must maintain a strong exterior to mask his love. While delivering his groceries, the young man often fantasizes about being Superman and marrying the young woman who works in a neighboring bakery.

Director: Paul Williams.
Stars: David Proval, James Andronica, Morgana King, Joe Spinell, Tovah Feldshuh, Maria Smith, Vincent Russo, Jaime Alba, Theresa Saldana, Glenn Scarpelli.


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  1. Nick D.
    April 5, 2018

    I have been searching for this film for years! I thought it was lost forever. Thank you!!

  2. Darrin
    October 8, 2019

    This movie is TRULY a forgotten gem. It’s criminal this movie is not available on DVD, or Blu-ray. Heck, I would still buy it if I could find a good copy on VHS 🙂

    You guys are great!

  3. Tina Russo
    January 25, 2020

    I am looking to purchase this movie Nunzio full version my husband’s brother Vincent Russo played a part and he passed away and my husband has been searching for this ever since Vincent’s death can you please help .I would love to make my husband happy.

    • Jon W.
      January 26, 2020

      Hi Tina.
      Sorry but since I don’t have the rights for the films on the site I don’t (and can’t) sell them, this movie is also available on Youtube, it might be easier for your husband to watch it there maybe instead of here.
      Hope this was of help.

      All the best,

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