Casanova (1927)

Russian stage star Ivan Mosjoukine plays the title role in this far-from-accurate biopic of legendary Italian lover Casanova. The main plot concerns itself with political intrigue, as Casanova travels from Venice to Russia and back again on a variety of “secret missions.” This doesn’t prevent him from enjoying the favors of several delectable females.

Director: Alexandre Volkoff.
Stars: Ivan Mozzhukhin, Suzanne Bianchetti, Diana Karenne, Jenny Jugo, Rina De Liguoro, Nina Koshetz, Bouamerane, Olga Day, Albert Decoeur, Paul Franceschi, Paul Guidé, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Nathalie Lissenko, Michel Simon, Carlo Tedeschi.


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  1. michael
    April 21, 2018

    a film from Alexandre Volkoff-IMPRESSIVE. Must bow to the man. Always wanted to see this version of Casanova

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