Volver a Empezar (Begin the Beguine) (1982) AKA Starting Over

It is the year 1981, famous writer Antonio Albajara arrives at Gijón, his hometown, from Stockholm, where he has just received the Nobel Prize in Literature. For forty years, Albajara has been a professor of medieval literature at the Berkeley University. In Gijón, Antonio is reunited with Elena, his first and great love, before he was forced to his exile in 1937 Civil War. However, this visit is not definitive because a serious disease affects the writer.

Director: José Luis Garci.
Stars: Antonio Ferrandis, Encarna Paso, José Bódalo, Agustín González, Marta Fernández-Muro, Pablo Hoyos. 

1983 Academy Awards – Winner of an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.


AKA Starting Over

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  1. Bob Verini
    March 14, 2018

    I just adore this movie. I know it’s sort of bourgeois in its trappings but I find the elderly genius’s search for his past so moving, and universal too. Some have objected to the (over)use of the two key pieces of music, but I think most of us have a limited repertoire of songs that we cling to, that represent “who we are.” And the Pachelbel and Porter have the right mix of romanticism and regret for this story. I’m so happy you’ve retrieved this lovely document from oblivion.

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