Tilt (1979)

After getting caught cheating his bookmaking boss over a high-stakes pinball wager, Neil Gallagher leaves his Corpus Christi home for Los Angeles, hoping to make it big as a folk rock balladeer. With best friend Henry in town as his manager, Neil finds only failure, but when they come across a streetsmart 14-year-old pinball whiz named Tilt, he envisions a plan to get rich quick and save face in his hometown.

Director: Rudy Durand.
Stars: Brooke Shields, Ken Marshall, Charles Durning, John Crawford, Karen Lamm, Gregory Walcott, Harvey Lewis, Geoffrey Lewis, Rob Berger, Don Stark, Lorenzo Lamas, Gary Mule Deer.


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  1. jake Jacobson
    March 5, 2018

    Saw the premiere of this at the Miami Intl Film Festival in `1979. The house was packed….for a couple of reels. By the end credits, a handful remained and the film found a snug place in the hall of obscurity. Thanks, Jon, for the moment of nostalgia.

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