The Last Movie (1971)

Kansas is a stunt coordinator in charge of horses on a western being shot in a small Peruvian village. Following a tragic incident on the set where an actor is killed in a stunt, Kansas decides to quit the movie business and stay in Peru with a local woman named Maria ┬áKansas thinks he has found paradise, but is soon called in to help in a bizarre incident: the Peruvian natives are “filming” their own movie with “cameras” made of sticks, and acting out real western movie violence.

Director: Dennis Hopper.
Stars: Dennis Hopper, Stella Garcia, Julie Adams, Tomas Milian, Don Gordon, Roy Engel, Donna Baccala, Samuel Fuller, Dean Stockwell, Kris Kristofferson, Michelle Phillips, Russ Tamblyn, Henry Jaglom, John Phillip Law, Severn Darden, Jim Mitchum, Peter Fonda.


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