Paradis Perdu (1940) AKA Four Flights to Love

In 1913, a young artist, Pierre falls in love with a beautiful seamstress, Janine. Their Elysian summer is cut short when war breaks out and Pierre is sent to fight on the front. After the war, Pierre returns home to find that his wife has died whilst giving birth to their daughter, Jeannette. Disillusioned and heart-broken, Pierre withdraws on himself and it is a struggle for him to bring up his daughter, the daughter that brought death to the only woman he loved…

Director: Abel Gance.
Stars: Fernand Gravey, Elvire Popesco, André Alerme, Monique Rolland, Robert Le Vigan, Robert Pizani, Jane Marken, Marcel Delaître, Les Bluebell Girls, Gérard Landry, Micheline Presle. AKA Four Flights to Love


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  1. Jeff Clarke
    April 1, 2018

    Thank you for this very early Micheline Presle.

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