Stalin (1992)

The film portrays the political career and personal life of the former leader of the Soviet Union, Georgian-born Josef Djughashvili, who later adopted the name Joseph Stalin, demonstrating his rule and how he was able to bring the Soviet Union to a place of great power on the world stage, but at a consequence: in this case, the destruction of his family as well as the mass murder of millions of his own Revolutionary partners, and ultimately his acts of corruption in the Communist Party.

Director: Ivan Passer.
Stars: Robert Duvall, Julia Ormond, Maximilian Schell, Jeroen Krabbé, Joan Plowright, Frank Finlay, Roshan Seth, Daniel Massey, András Bálint, John Bowe, Jim Carter, Murray Ewan, Stella Gonet, Colin Jeavons, Miriam Margolyes.


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