Ice Palace (1960)

Based on the Edna Ferber novel, this engrossing period piece covers the triumphs, tragedies, loves, and sorrows of a few generations of Alaskan settlers between the first World War and the granting of statehood in 1959. Zeb is a local despot whose tough personality dominates the region. He is openly bigoted against the Inuit, and his greedy nature has led him to reject the woman he really loves to marry another with plenty of money. Thor starts out as Zeb’s ally and friend, but due to their diametrically opposed natures, that friendship turns into an entrenched hatred.

Director: Vincent Sherman.
Stars: Richard Burton, Robert Ryan, Martha Hyer, Jim Backus, Carolyn Jones, Ray Danton, Diane McBain, Karl Swenson, Shirley Knight, Barry Kelley, Sheridan Comerate, George Takei, Steve Harris.


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