L’auberge rouge (1923) AKA The Red Inn


Based on the story by Honoré de Balzac Caught in a storm, two young doctors book into an inn for the night and find themselves sharing a room with a Dutch diamond merchant. During the night Prosper steals from the merchant, but when he awakes in the morning he finds the merchant dead and his friend gone. AKA The Red Inn

Director: Jean Epstein. AKA The Red Inn
Writers: Jean Epstein, Honoré de Balzac (novel).
Stars: Léon Mathot, Gina Manès, Jean-David Évremond, Pierre Hot, Jacques Christiany, Robert Tourneur, Schmitt, Madame Delaunay, Clairette de Savoye, Thomy Bourdelle, René Ferté, Henri Barat, André Volbert, Luc Dartagnan.


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  1. Spiny Norman
    July 20, 2018

    These are my own subtitles. Not that I mind. But it is a fact.

    • Jon Whitehead
      July 21, 2018

      Well thank you for your great work ! 🙂

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