Good News (1930)

The DeSylva-Brown-Henderson Broadway musical Good News was first brought to the screen by MGM in 1930. The scene is Tait College, where everyone is in a blue funk over the dilemma of gridiron star Tom. Since the only thing he’s ever passed is a football, Tom is in danger of flunking out before the Big Game. Plain-looking Connie is enlisted to tutor Tom through his final exams, and in the process the two students fall in love — much to the dismay of campus vamp Patricia.

Director: Nick Grinde.
Stars: Bessie Love, Cliff Edwards, Mary Lawlor, Stanley Smith, Gus Shy, Lola Lane, Thomas E. Jackson, Delmer Daves, Billy Taft, Frank McGlynn, Penny Singleton, Helyn Virgil, Vera Marshe.


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