Glory! Glory! (1989)

A radio preacher’s operation is controlled by his honest but colorless son. When the preacher is promoted into a media superstar by a savvy huckster, the son is left behind.

Director: Lindsay Anderson.
Stars: Ellen Greene, Richard Thomas, James Whitmore, Winston Rekert, Barry Morse, George Buza, Richard Alden, Philippe Ayoub.


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  1. Dan
    April 28, 2019

    This made for TV movie was Lindsay Anderson’s next to last film. It’s about a foul-mouthed, cocaine-addicted female rock singer who gets recruited to an evangelical church, finds out she has healing powers, and eventually finds God. Yes, it’s a satire of evangelicals but I don’t think Christians would find it offensive and may even be moved a few times as I was even though I’m not a believer.

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